How to answer the question "Tell me about yourself"
Date created: 08/03/2012
You walk into the interview room, shake hands with your interviewer and sit down with your best interviewing smile on. Guess what their first question is? "Tell me about yourself." Do you "wing it" and actually tell all manner of things about yourself? Will you spend the next 5 minutes rambling on about what an easy-going, loyal, dedicated, hard working employee you've been? If this is the case, you stand a good chance of having bored your interviewer to death thus creating a negative first impression. Because it's such a common interview question, it's strange that more candidates don't spend the time to prepare for exactly how to answer it. Perhaps because the question seems so disarming and informal, we drop our guard and shift into ramble mode. Resist all temptation to do so. Your interviewer is not looking for a 10-minute dissertation here. Instead, offer a razor sharp sentence or two that sets the stage for further discussion and sets you apart from your competitors... read more

How to Win the Job Interview: Know the 3 Types of Interviews to Achieve Success
Date created: 18/04/2010
By knowing the kinds of interviews used and the reason an employer is using a particular type for your interview you will be better prepared because you understand the process and you know what they are looking for at each step of the way. It is imperative that prior to your interview you find out what kind the company uses because you will want to focus your preparation in that direction. .. read more

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